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Yep, this is the official
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If you are a rational, thoughtful, wise person, I have to assume that you have reached my Web site due to simple human error or some kind of catastrophic failure in your search engine. It can’t be because you are actually seeking out my material, because the rational, thoughtful, wise people are reading Phil Yancey and William Shakespeare and C.S. Lewis and Peanuts cartoons. Or could it be that you have just been pretending to be all sophisticated and discerning and astute while you have quietly been reading my stuff, and you are hungry for even more? Is that it? If you have truly stooped that low, well, join the club!

Oodles of people with otherwise impeccable credentials for spiritual maturity and personal integrity have likewise taken to reading my ramblings. I can prove it! My books have been endorsed by organizations like Focus on the Family, and I even got a plug from T. Davis Bunn! Seriously! My editor suspects that they accidentally whacked their heads against a filing
cabinet. However you made it here, enjoy your visit!